Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dear Sue

     I'm currently making a painting for a woman named Sue. She helped me out a lot during my first year at College. Because of Celiac Disease, not only was I getting sick often, I was also exhausted most of the time. I'm doing a lot better now, but I still wanted to thank her. I decided that I could give her a piece of my art to keep in her office. I was hoping she'd think that is was a nice gift. Well, at the end of last semester, I was so caught up in studying that I didn't have time.
     I'm seeing her tomorrow. We need to catch up on whether or not I still need her help and kindness. I cannot express how much she helped me. Whenever I felt overwhelmed, I was allowed to go sit in her office. If I didn't feel well enough to go to class, she'd call my teacher and take care of it. She was so helpful, and I'm not sure if I would have made it through my first year if it weren't for her help.
     Since I'm seeing her, I decided I'd finally make her a painting. I'm about half done. I'm painting it over a previous painting which I didn't like, and therefore never finished. I've changed the painting for Sue three times since the beginning. Hopefully I won't change it anymore!
     I'll post a picture of it when I'm done, which will hopefully be later today!

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