Monday, September 13, 2010


I sometimes have a hard time understanding what people think as they get dressed in the morning. There is a girl in the class I'm currently in, Universe of the Arts, and she's always wearing... Interesting clothing.
Today she is wearing gray jeans with running shoes that are black, gray, lime green and yellow. She's wearing a studded belt, and the studs are green. Her sweater is yellow, with darker yellow stripes and some weird pieces of thread in random places. Is that weird, or what?
On a happier and more awesome note, I'm going to have a few people over on Sunday to help me paint my room. The funny part is that they're all guys, And none have ever painted before!
I'll take pictures and show you. And this means that my room is nearly complete. My mom and I spent $300 at Ikea.
My room is going to kick ass.

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