Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Vacation in Paradise

     I have arrived home from my two week vacation! I had a lovely time, took many pictures, and spent all of my money. I will soon post picture of the things I have bought, I'd love to hear what you think!
     I love everything I bought so much. I went a bit out of my realm of comfort, and I ended up buying a lot of floral prints. (My boyfriend will not be happy; he hates floral print!) But I shop for my happiness and comfort, not his.
     I love Rome. Everything about Rome is beautiful and memorable. We saw the main tourist attractions, such as the Forum, the Vatican, the Sister Chapel, the Pantheon, the Flavian Amphitheatre (or more commonly known as the Colosseum), as well as numerous other things.

     Have you ever heard of the Borghese Gardens? It is a large expanse of land with such beautiful attractions. Within the Villa Borghese is Galleria Borghese and, drum roll please, a zoo!

     You will not believe the fantastic gluten free food which they have there! Beautiful, and not to mention delicious. By law, they needed to add something to the dish to show that it was gluten free. Some places placed a flag, other added a dash of sauce on the side of the dish.

     Doesn't that look fantastic? My mouth is watering just looking at it.
     That's all for now, darlings. More to come soon!

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