Friday, May 28, 2010

Fashion - 0001

I am a fashionista, there is no point in trying to deny it. I live for fashion. I love fashion magazines, but I find that some things they post are absolutely atrocious. When I was at the hospital last week, I was going through a fashion magazine to pass the time, and they were showing an entire photo shoot with high heeled sandals and socks. socks! I do think that, if done well, socks and heels can look amazing, except every single one in this magazine I found absolutely revolting. I find that socks and heels can look hot, but most of the time it looks trashy and ugly.
I'm getting off track again. The point of the post was to share why I love shopping so incredibly much. I don't think it's the typical reasons like the feeling of owning something new, or the fact that new combinations can be made (though I do love that too!). No, the reason I love buying clothes so much is because I so much enjoy finding a place for them in my wardrobe. I love how buying a color I don't normally owns adds another piece to my cupboard.
I recently bought a pale, floral dress, which is completely out of my comfort zone. I tend to enjoy wearing dark colors to contrast my pale skin. Let me tell you, the floral amongst all the dark colors was absolutely beautiful.
That's all for now, I hope everyone has a lovely Friday evening!

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