Friday, July 2, 2010

Dinner, and a Funeral

     Last night, my family, my boyfriend, and my brother's girlfriend went out to dinner. Originally we wanted to go to Jardin Nelson, a beautiful restaurant in the Old Port of Montreal with delicious food. We didn't end up going there for one main reason; they didn't take reservations. It was also Canada Day yesterday, and we figured they probably wouldn't have any free space because on Canada Day, people go out. The Old Port was expected to be particularly busy because of the fireworks taking place nearby.
     In the end, we went to Portovino. Generous sizes and delicious food meant we had a blast. The waiters were helpful when I asked questions regarding gluten-free food, and they made sure everything was okay. I definitely recommend going there!

     I went to a funeral this morning. My friends grandmother died. I dislike funerals greatly, but I felt I needed to go to support her. I am really happy I decided to go. My friend was so grateful, as was her whole family. None of our other friends went, which surprised me a little.
     Afterwards, her mother gave me a big hug, and while holding my face, said "You're always so lovely." It meant a lot to me.
     So long for now!

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