Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Raccoon Invasion

     Recently, my family has been invaded by raccoons. They broke down our front door one night a few weeks ago, and stole half a sandwich.
     They didn't actually break down our front door. There was a storm that night, so one of the two front doors opened. They were able to get the screens off the second door, and walk (crawl?) straight into our house. They also managed to get into our shed one day when someone forgot to close the door, and pooped everywhere. They've also been pooping on our deck.
     We found them a few weeks ago bathing in our stream. There were five of them. Despite all the problems they've been causing us, I can't help but find them adorable.
     A few nights ago, we found two of them by our pool, grooming each other. I ran to get my camera, but wasn't able to get close enough for some amazing shots. They're scared of humans, it turns out. Who would've guessed?

     Aren't they adorable?

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  1. when i was a child, around 9, we had a similar thing happen in our back yard.. i believe we also had rabbits living in holes which my father made sure to 'go around' when he was mowing the grass. racoons and rabbits are very afraid of us.. opossums too. i always try to name them when they hang around nowadays. adore your journal, juliette!